You can rollover or transfer an existing account.

"Self-directed" means that you alone have control over choosing and directing your IRA or 401(k) investments. You make the decisions with a self-directed IRA, and it opens the door to purchase pre-development land for investment.


Stocks, bonds and CDs ain’t gonna do it.

If you have an IRA or if you have assets in a retirement plan with a previous employer, you’ll most probably be able to roll those funds into a self-directing account.

A self-directed IRA account custodian or administrator--in compliance with federal requirements--facilitates the process

and paperwork to establish your self-directed account, which

can then accept the funds from your existing account (s) and purchase your investment. Your self-directed IRA actually purchases the land. All IRA, Roth and 401(k) funds are placed and are accepted for Land Investments with a licensed Escrow company.

This is a simple and very inexpensive process, but one that can allow you to grow your retirement with well-selected real estate at the edge of a growing city, which also serves as a great hedge against inflation as it appreciates and creates wealth.


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It has been proven to be the best and safest way of building wealth. 


These well-known Americans each use slightly different words to say the same thing.


No investment on Earth is so safe, so certain to enrich its owner, as undeveloped realty. I always advise my friends to place their savings in real estate near some growing city.”

— Grover Cleveland
    U.S. President

“Land is the best, the quickest, and the safest way to become wealthy.

— Marshall Field
   Billionaire Newspaper Publisher

“Every person who invests in well-selected real estate in a growing section of a prosperous community adopts the surest and safest method of becoming independent. For real estate is the basis of all wealth."

                                             — Theodore Roosevelt
                                                      U.S. President

“Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. It is about the only indestructible security.”

— Russell Sage                                                              American Capitalist

“Real Estate cannot be lost or stolen. Purchased with common sense, it is about the safest investment in the world.

— Franklin D. Roosevelt
    U.S. President

Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.

— Mark Twain
    American Writer