Parcel # Acreage                 Location  Price


160(-) acres

On 50th Street West and Ave H   Corner location

Frontage on a major paved road. Power & Utilities 

Proposed Tentative Map.

Near Freeway (14) and New Business Park.

2007 Central Pacific Bank valued and loaned

         (owner-Builder) $79,830,000 for this property

2008  "Bubble Bursts" The economy collapses

Now new owner at BARGAIN Sale Price:  





X453 10 acres

97th Street West and near Ave C

Located in Antelope Acres area - Development

on 40 acres planned on 75th Street West & Ave D

X741 2.5 acres

Near 50th Street East and near Ave H

Beautiful parcel near two public schools on Ave H

& 70th Street East

X721T 2 acres(-)

 87th Street East and  Ave H-11

 in close proximity to two public schools on 70th Street East

 and  Ave H.  Good location.

X529 2.5 acres

On 65th Street West and On Ave H-8

In the CITY of LANCASTER - Near new subdivision

development - Frontage on two half-section lines


Every 6th baby born in the USA is born in California.

X642 2.65 acres

Near 5th Street East and Ave G-4

(between Division St and 5th St East)

Near Freeway and City of Lancaster

Residential Acreage with Record of Survey



19.62 acres

Near 40th Street East and Ave F

Frontage on Section line F

Minutes from AV Freeway


X683 2.05 acres

83rd Street East and Ave L


Frontage on Section line Ave L

X825 2.29 acres

Near 100th Street West and Ave D-2

Great location near beautiful homes

and near 2400 Home 'Larwin Development'

Project  & Del Sur Project on 640 acres

Every parcel is insured with a Policy of Title Insurance
X870 9.7 acres

On 30th Street East & Ave F-2

Paved road on section line 30th St East.

Minutes from 14 Fwy.  Power, Utilities.

Residential acreage

X772 1.25 acres

Near 5th Street East & near Ave G-10

(between Division St & Challenger Way)

Nearby 6.6 acres for sale on Challenger/10th Street

East & Ave I for $1,008,000 ($152,727 per acre!)

This commercial area is now under construction.

X880 9.62 acres

On 70th Street East & Ave H-6

Paved frontage on Section line 70th St E.

Two public schools on 70th St E & Ave H

Development planned on 30 acres on 70th & Ave H

X788 2.5 acres

104th Street West & near Ave J-6


Near 2400 home Larwin Project and

Del Sur Project on 640 acres .

All ownership is conveyed to you via a Grant Deed.
X831 5 acres

On 95th Street East & near Ave F-8

Beautiful parcel on Half-Section line

Ave F-8 is a paved road. Project planned

at 90th St East & Ave J - Zoned LIGHT INDUSTRIAL

X736 1.25 acres

10th St East (Challenger Way) & Ave G-8

Near a developed area

X885 17.24 acres

On 110th Street West & Ave F-4

Frontage on a major road. Power & Utilities

on 110th St West.  This parcel near Larwin Co.

project w/approved Building Map for 2,300 homes