David Tepper, trustee of the David Tepper Living Trust doing business as "Oxford Enterprises" is a respected expert on land investment and has counseled hundreds of men and women in the precepts of successful land investments. He has spoken to many groups both in and outside the field of real estate.

Born in New York City and educated at New York University, Mr. Tepper married and moved out west to the sunny climate of Southern California. 

David Tepper’s experience with people from all walks of life and all cultural backgrounds has taught him a fundamental lesson that goes beyond the specifics of cost, appreciation and land leverage. He explains, “I’ve found that, in the pursuance of wealth, most men are limited only by their ability to picture themselves successful.”

Throughout nearly 40 years in the investment business  Mr. Tepper has maintained an immaculate record of truthfulness, integrity and candor.

A collector of art and an accomplished musician, Mr. Tepper has two sons, William and Andrew and is the proud grandfather of three granddaughters, Fabien, Marielle, and Cameron. The family lives in Los Angeles.

Looking for Real Estate Opportunities?

The David Tepper Living Trust is in real estate.  We don’t list other people's property.

We own all the land in our inventory—free and clear.  Our properties are for sale with excellent financing.

You will find that many people in the U.S. will want to roll their IRA, Roth or 401(k) funds into what is called a “Self-directing IRA” in order to purchase this class of investment.

Today, the IRS allows taxpayers to roll the funds from their retirement plans into land for investment and still retain the same tax benefits.  All IRA, Roth and 401(k) funds are placed and are accepted for Land Investments with a licensed Escrow company.

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